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Writing Samples

Writing Samples

The Summer Solstice Collection

The one-of-a-kind pieces in our small-batch Summer Solstice Collection are exuberant statement pieces that radiate creativity and fun – exactly like the perfect summer. 

Kantha: Wisdom In Every Stitch

We often think that to be successful we need to be independent. So, we pack our bags (literally or figuratively) and embark on a solo journey.

Rarely is the sailing as smooth as we hoped.

Power To the Pollinators: Tips For Creating a Bee-Friendly Brunch

Pollinators are small but mighty contributors to the ecosystem we share (yes, humans, you too are a part of the environment!). According to the USDA, these amazing creatures pollinate a third of the food we eat. So next time you gather with loved ones for brunch, be sure to take the pollinators who make that meal possible into consideration while you plan.  

Celebrating Firsts: Ethical Christmas gifts for life’s milestones

In the bustle of the year, it’s easy to take turning over a new leaf for granted. The holidays are a perfect time to step back and reflect on this year’s big moments. Gift intentionally this year by choosing gifts that recognize and celebrate your loved ones’ many accomplishments and exciting new adventures

Ornament Themes for Your Ethical Christmas Tree

Looking for a lighthearted and homey Christmas tree? Let the coir Running Dog Ornament dash through the snow and into your home. Or keep things warm and fuzzy with the felt yeti family of ornaments.

Warm Mulled Cider with Star Anise

For the majority of the year, adulthood rules with a tyrannical fist, but when the holiday season rolls around, adulthood must concede the throne. The experiences that bring a feeling of childhood back to life are mostly sensory. The smell of baking, the sight of the tree, the sound of my favorite Christmas tunes, the feel of a well-packed snowball, and the taste of warm apple cider.

Our Commitment to Caring for the Earth

The end of October is the height of the harvesting season. It’s also prime time for gourds. You’re baking with them, carving them, and placing them around your house just about anywhere they will fit. The end of October is also the end of Fair Trade Month, which means (you guessed it) we need to talk about sustainably harvested materials and gourd art!

Our Commitment to Craft & Culture

At Ten Thousand Villages, we have a soft spot for labors of love. We are often awestruck by the commitment artisans worldwide have to complete detailed artistic processes requiring great skill and years of training. They are undaunted by projects that take hours and sometimes even days to complete, creating one-of-a-kind, high quality products that you’ll love.

Back-to-school: A right for every child

Growing up in the U.S., I could trust that school would start again every year and that (when I was good and ready) I would go. Unfortunately, the start of a new school year is not a guarantee for every child.

Celebrating Sustainability

The artisans we work with at Ten Thousand Villages value sustainability, and we do too. Although we’re always looking for ways we can improve in this area, we think the efforts toward sustainability we have underway are worth celebrating.

Call for Writers: Handmade journals of all stripes

No two note takers are entirely alike. Some of us are matter-of-fact while others are romantic (yuck). Some people are silly, some are serious, and some are somewhere in between. Whether our journals are vessels carrying us to literary greatness or safety pins to keep things from flying in one ear and out the other, it’s important to choose a journal that properly reflects its contents. So, saddle up! (Saddle-stitch, that is.) Here’s our guide to finding your perfect parchment partner.

Take Out the Trash: Eco-friendly Easter basket ideas

Now is a great time to start getting creative about how you can stop trash in its tracks this year. We’ve got a few ideas to help you create meaningful, eco-friendly Easter baskets.

Make Valentine’s Day Sweet With This Fair Trade Treat

We often talk about the excitement and joy Valentine’s Day brings. It’s wonderful to have a chance to tell your special someone how much you care and to celebrate your relationship. However, we don’t always talk about the other emotion this holiday of love brings into our lives: stress.